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Generative AI: Why Its a Game-Changer for Marketers

Online communities such as Midjourney (which helped win the art competition), and open-source providers like HuggingFace, have also created generative models. LivePerson is a platform providing several generative-AI-powered products, including two marketing tool suites. It is a powerful tool that marketers can use to create unique, high-quality content. This type of artificial intelligence (AI) can quickly create new images, text and videos from scratch compared to human creativity.

  • While not as popular, DALL-E has seen success with over 1.5 million users.
  • So if there’s a sudden increase in negative sentiment about your brand, generative AI can let you know so you can respond promptly.
  • Millions of people are exploring its potential, but we must remember that human connection can never be replicated or replaced by AI.
  • With ATOMM™, your brand can strategically adapt one piece of content into multiple versions for different channels and audiences to instantly increase the reach and relevance of your messaging.
  • Hemingway Editor uses machine learning (ML) to identify editing opportunities at a sentence level to make your writing stronger.
  • In just over a year, the growth of Generative AI has been remarkable, swiftly moving beyond a consumer phenomenon to gain traction within the enterprise arena.

With personalized content, businesses can create a personalized and seamless customer experience by incorporating generative AI. Generative AI systems can anticipate customer needs, provide timely responses, and deliver content that aligns perfectly with customer interests. This not only leads to increased customer satisfaction but also fosters greater loyalty and trust.


‘Create Real Magic’ is one such movement by Coca-Cola that combines AI with art and customer engagement. You should clearly define the business objectives you want to achieve with generative AI. It will help you Yakov Livshits choose appropriate tools and craft prompts that align with your goals. Firefly is a generative AI program developed by Adobe that allows users to create and edit all types of graphic designs with text prompts.

GPT stands for “Generative Pre-trained Transformer” and outputs human-like responses to questions or requests you input. For example, you could ask ChatGPT to create the first two verses of a song about your dog or ask it to generate 10 talking points for an upcoming presentation on video marketing strategy. As a result, you might be considering Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools that claim to save marketers time and resources by automating the process of generating high-quality content. As it continues to grow and improve, this revolutionary technology creates a myriad of opportunities for both creators and users.

Virtual Assistants and Chatbots

Gartner expects that by 2025, up to 10% of the data on the internet will have been created by generative AI. While its application includes manufacturing, finance, HR, and operations, we want to take a look at marketing in particular. Generative AI is used to generate new content based on content that already exists.

What makes Bard stand out is not just its technical capabilities, but also the human-like touch it brings to customer interactions. The AI has been designed and trained to understand and respond to a wide range of accents, dialects, and speech patterns, demonstrating a level of empathy and understanding often absent from AI interactions. Product Studio, announced at Google Marketing Live 2023, uses AI to generate product images.

Yakov Livshits
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Generative AI as a tool

That trusted first-party data is important for generative AI to work well, 63% of marketers told us. Marketers themselves also play a pivotal role in generative AI’s success, with 66% saying that human oversight is necessary to make sure a brand’s voice stays authentic. Generative AI can help with drafting marketing materials or providing quick answers to customer responses. Marketers may concentrate on strategic campaigns, the execution of ideas, and building customer relationships, while generative AI handles lower-level chores.

How Claritas aims to bring Google and Meta AI marketing … – Ad Age

How Claritas aims to bring Google and Meta AI marketing ….

Posted: Tue, 12 Sep 2023 09:00:00 GMT [source]

As noted above, even though creating content with AI won’t directly impact your search rankings, using AI tools to create content from scratch could put quality rankings at risk. But generative AI isn’t a magic button you can press to put your content strategy on autopilot. It’s a powerful tool that, when applied correctly, can expand the reach and relevance of your content marketing through a wide range of use cases. Inspired by Genesis chapter 1 and Star Trek’s Jean-Luc Picard, we’ve always dreamed of the ability to literally speak reality into existence. And while we’re not quite there yet for “Tea, Earl Grey, hot,” (atoms are hard!) we’re actually been given shockingly deity-like powers with generative AI (0s and 1s are easier).

How Generative AI Is Changing Creative Work

This level of personalization, which was once a labor-intensive process, can now be achieved at scale, thanks to generative AI. Though we’d all love to create engaging content every day, sometimes we need a little help to put the creative wheels in motion. AI-powered content creation tools like position themselves as writing assistants that do all the research and outlining upfront. This gives writers more time to edit the copy to fit the brand’s tone of voice and appeal to your target audience. The power of generative AI extends beyond content creation and personalization. It can also contribute to predictive analytics and forecasting, enabling marketers to anticipate trends, consumer behavior, and market demands.

generative ai marketing

ChatGPT’s free version, on the other hand, is based on data from September 2021 and prior, so it may offer outdated results. However, ChatGPT’s paid version — ChatGPT Plus — integrates with the Bing search engine to access more up-to-date information. Next, marketers can prompt the tool to list keyword phrases for each topic. These Yakov Livshits keywords can help marketers come up with specific article topics and titles to attract the right audience to their website. It is a crucial step to maintaining privacy, security, and cost-effectiveness. Put up proper AI regulations in place to prevent distribution of harmful content and input of sensitive customer data into AI tools.

Why Human Content Plus AI-Driven Distribution Is The Future of Content Marketing

This evolution has opened up new possibilities for its application in various fields, including marketing. Many other AI models have seen success, all of which tend to focus on specific functions rather than being a jack of all trades. Make-A-Video’s AI specializes in generating artificial videos from user-input text-based prompts. So far, this type of text-to-video technology has already seen rapid innovation. This technological advance results in 3 times higher quality videos and 300% better accuracy when converting text to videos.

generative ai marketing

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